Copper Roses

Copper Rose

Celebrate your 7th anniversary with this romantic, handmade copper Rose! The rose straight out of a fairytale that never dies!
This copper rose would also be a beautiful centerpiece for your wedding or any special event.
You could even gift it to a friend, maid of honor or bridesmaids!

Personalize the message by choosing the “engraving” variation option. Add a special message for your loved one to the leaf/leaves of the rose. If you choose the engraving variation please be sure to write your desired message in the personalization box before completing your order. Please consider the size of the leaves when creating your desired message.

You can choose to patina this Rose. What that means is oxidized copper to give your rose an aged look. This rose can be light or heavy patinated.

**Roses are hand made and may slightly vary in appearance**

**Please use great caution when handling this product. This product is made out of metal and may contain sharp edges that can cause harm to your body and/or property**

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