Copper Drawer Pull – Twist – Arched Bend

Size:The standard size for these pulls is 4″ hole to hole. Custom sizes are available at request; message us for custom size requests.
Style:These copper cabinet pulls come in a variety of twist styles and bend styles. The various twist styles are pineapple twist, cube twist, twist, reverse twist, and no twist. The bend styles that the pulls are available in are arched bend or square bend. Check out our other listings to see the different styles.
Fastener:The pulls are available in two different fastening styles. The “hidden screw” fastening style conceals the screw (pulls are fastened from the back side of the cabinet door so that screws are not visible). The “Visible screw” fastening style provides for visible screws (a hole is drilled on each end of the copper pull and pulls are fastened with wood screws on the front side of the cabinet door).
Finish: The copper cabinet pulls are available in a variety of finishes: copper, burnt copper, patina, burnt patina and aged copper.

What is included (hidden screw option)

• A template to assist marking your holes during installation.
• 2, machine screws (8-32X1” long) for each pull purchased.

What is included (visible screw option)

• 2, wood screws (#8X5/8” long) for each pull purchased.

Please message with any questions and/or special custom requests.

Great for use on any kitchen or cabinet door.


**Handles are 100% handmade**

**size measurements of pulls are guaranteed to be within 1/16th of an inch**

**mounting hardware provided with order is suitable for most applications, but customer may need to purchase additional mounting hardware if provided hardware is not suitable for their needs**

**Please use great caution when handling this product. This product is made out of metal and may contain sharp edges that can cause harm to your body and/or property**

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