Railroad Spike Knob

Fastening: The knob has been drilled and tapped for fastening with a machine screw. Fasten the knob to the cabinet or drawer front from the back side of the cabinet.
Finish: The knob is available in a variety of finishes. Special finishes available upon request; message us with any special requests.
Style: The knobs comes in two different styles: hammered or not hammered. Check out our other listings to see the various styles.

What is included:

• 1, machine screw (10-24X1” long) for each knob purchased.
• 1, washer for each knob purchased.

Great for use on any kitchen or cabinet door.

**size measurements of pulls are guaranteed to be within 1/8 of an inch**
**mounting hardware provided with order is suitable for most applications, but customer may need to purchase additional mounting hardware if provided hardware is not suitable for their needs**
**Please use great caution when handling this product. This product is made out of metal and may contain sharp edges that can cause harm to your body and/or property**

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