What is Electrostatic Coating?

Electrostatic coating is a paint spraying process that utilizes an electrical charge to atomize the paint particles and draw them to the metal workpiece that the paint is being applied to. The paint particles are positively charged in our electrostatic paint gun, and then are attracted to the negatively charged metal workpiece when sprayed out of the paint gun. The electrostatic painting process provides for a premium finished surface that will look amazing for many years. This process is nearly identical to the powder coating process, except electrostatic coating is more versatile and cost efficient than powder coating. Check out our next section to learn more about how electrostatic coating is superior to powder coating.

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Electrostatic Coating Vs. Powder Coating

Our shop is here to provide unique home décor products. We specialize in custom cabinet and door hardware, wrought iron fencing, gates, custom wrought iron doors and much more. Our services also include electrostatic coating — a method of painting metal that is even more durable than powder coating. We also offer welding services; we can weld anything from aluminum to steel. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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    Our shop is located just outside of Phoenix Arizona. Our location allows us to easily service much of Arizona for our larger products such as fencing, doors, etc. We sell our custom cabinet hardware worldwide, and can even ship our larger products to many areas throughout the United States.

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